Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Early Cars

Early on I had a couple of hand-me-down cars, including a 1970-something Mercury Monarch test vehicle, which my Dad was able to get his hands on because he was an engineer at Ford.  A perk?  Maybe.  Read on.

This particular Mercury Monarch, or poor man’s limousine, had a 351 Windsor engine and an independent front suspension, among other unusual features that still remain a mystery to me.  That car was fun to drive because of its great combination of power and comfort.  More importantly, the look of confusion in the eyes of the guys behind the wheels of hot-rodded Chevelles and Novas when I could stay door-to-door with them off the light was just priceless.

Another car was a 1977 LTD, a tank of a car with a 460.  It should have been a good combination, which it probably was, but the car sat for a long time and the rear main oil seal dried out, and it got to be too much of a chore to carry a pan everywhere I went so I could pour the oil back into it.  That’s all I’m going to say about that.

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Jeffrey Campbell said...

Was the Monarch a bonus for superior windshield wiper design. ( I bet you wonder how I remember that from 6th grade!)