Thursday, June 6, 2013

If You Pronounce It “Porsh”, Do You Also Say “Mer-Say-ds”?

For 1983, these features meant that the 944 was ahead of its time by maybe 10-15 years.  Disc brakes at all four wheels were not available on the Mustang until 1994.  Only recently has Chevrolet started using a transaxle on the Corvette to help distribute weight evenly.

However, for all of these features that made the 944 such a great car, it was burdened with a feature that was probably its best and worst asset at the same time.

Porsche’s 924 model, the car previous to the 944, suffered with a lame-ass, anemic four cylinder engine made by Audi.  I can imagine the conversation that took place.  Two Porsche engineers are sitting at the drawing table.

The one with the gray hair says, “This 944 of which you speak looks good, but we don’t have an inline four cylinder engine.  And what does water-cooled mean?”

The balding engineer picks up the phone and says, “My brother-in-law, he works for Audi.  Let me see what they have.”

Then the Audi guy, who is probably sipping on a latte, says, “I think I saw some old four bangers in the junk lot out back.  I’ll let you have them for nothing.”

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